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The Child Visa allows children who are outside Australia to migrate and live with their parents. Like most visas, the Child Visa comes with its own set of rules and regulations that the candidate must follow to be considered eligible. The child must follow both Australian laws and visa requirements upon entering Australia. 

From the date this visa is issued, the child will be eligible to fly to and from Australia as many times as they want for the next 5 years as long as the visa’s travel privileges remain valid. 

If the child wishes to travel after the initial 5-year period, they have to fulfil two criteria. They must be issued a mandatory Resident Return (RRV) visa in order to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident, and acquire Australian Citizenship so that they do not require Visas in the future to travel anymore. 

Child Visa Subclasses

Child Visa – service categories 

Child visa – 101

A child born outside of Australia can apply for this Visa to live with their parents in Australia. It can be used if the child is sponsored by their parents or parent’s partner, a child is a single person, under the age of 18. Or the child should be a full-time student between the ages of 18 and 25, or an older student who is unable to function due to a disability and is financially dependent on the sponsoring parent. The applicant can also enroll their own dependent children.

This visa enables the children of the sponsor (a parent, essentially) to remain in Australia if their child is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or qualified New Zealand citizen. However, if the child is under the age of 18, a step-parent who is no longer the child’s parent’s partner but owes legal services/obligation to the child can also sponsor the child. In a similar vein, a qualified New Zealand citizen, an adoptive parent who adopted the child before you became an Australian citizen, or an Australian permanent resident visa holder can also extend the same benefits. The nature of this visa is permanent which means it lets you work, study and travel for an indefinite period in Australia. 

Child visa – 802

Unlike Child Visa – 101 which is applied when the child is outside Australia, Child Visa- 802 is applied when the child is still in Australia. Both visas allow applicants to come and live in Australia with their parents for an indefinite period of time. Additionally, the child can also enroll in Australia’s public healthcare system, sponsor relatives to move to Australia, and, if qualified, apply for Australian citizenship. To obtain this visa, a parent of a child under the age of 18 must have proof of a legal document from the child’s home country authorizing its removal. The document should be in line with every child order in Australia and there should also be written consent of each person who can claim a legal right on deciding where the child will live.

Adoption visa – 102

Like the previous two Visas, Adoption visa – 102 grants the child the same privileges. According to the norms of this visa, an adopted child, on whose behalf the application has been registered by the adoptee, is allowed to live in Australia under the sponsorship of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or qualified New Zealand citizen. In most cases, an adoptive parent submits the application on behalf of the child and is responsible for accepting the sponsorship. If a child is being adopted by a state or territory adoption authority, the visa application can be submitted before the adoption is completed. If you are adopting a child while living in Australia, your application will be approved only if your country has ratified the treaties- The Hague Adoption Convention agreement and a Bilateral agreement with Australia.

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