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Migration Service and Consultancy in Perth

Australian Visa Lawyer: Migration Agent Perth

Introducing Unveiling the Path to Perth: Guide to Migration by Australian Visa Lawyer, the definitive guide to making your dream journey a reality. Discover the ins and outs of migrating to Perth, made easy with step-by-step instructions and practical tips from someone with a wealth of experience in immigration laws and procedures. It’s your one-stop for a successful migration and successful future in Australia’s ever-welcoming city.

Bold Vision, Bold Budget- Get the City of Perth Budget 2023/24

Welcome to a new era of fiscal transparency and ingenuity with the City of Perth Budget 2023/24. Designed with an ambitious outlook for the city’s future, this budget combines strategic planning with robust financial assessment to continue Perth’s trajectory towards growth. It’s more than just spreadsheets and numbers, it’s a roadmap for the city’s prosperity and a testament to the committed stewardship of the City Council.

Budget highlights

  • $297.87 million total budget
  • $178.61 million key programs and services
  • $58.07 million capital expenditure, including asset renewals and the creation of new assets
  • Increase in overall rates yield minimised to 2.45%

Core Services, Programs and Operating Project Expenditure

  • $35.0 million to maintain roads, paths, lighting and City facilities and other infrastructure
  • $17.7 million for rubbish collection, street cleaning and recycling
  • $13.4 million to maintain parks and gardens, including street trees and reticulation
  • $11.6 million to attract more people to the City through events, marketing and other activations
  • $8.4 million for sponsorships and grants to support local businesses and initiatives $7.7 million for City future master planning and economic development 

Capital Expenditure

  • $17.8 million for the development of an aquatic facility at the WACA ground and redevelopment of Perth Concert Hall under City Deal
  • $15.7 million for building renewals, including Langley Park changeroom and Perth Library façade works
  • $7.9 million for CBD transport projects, including new cycleways and improved pedestrian access
  • $4.5 million to upgrade street lighting at Wellington Square, Adelaide Tce, Crawley and East Perth


Smart Cities Perth

Discover a smarter way to live with Smart Cities Perth. Our advanced solutions encompass a comprehensive approach to urban development incorporating technology for the benefit of society. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, IoT, and data analysis, we are redefining the way Perth operates. Ours is a city of the future, focusing on efficiency, convenience, and stronger community bonds.

Perth Metropolitan road statistics

Demographic data

Of those 5635 people KSI between 2018 and 2022:

  1. 63% were occupants of motor vehicles
  2. 20% were motorcyclists
  3. 10% were pedestrians
  4. 7% were cyclists

More than half (58%) of people KSI were male, 42% were female and 1% had no sex recorded. 

The three most common age groups of people KSI were:

  1. 20-29 years old (20%)
  2. 30-39 years old (17%)
  3. 40-49 years old (14%) 


Why Choose A Migration Agent Perth by Australian Visa Lawyer?

Upon the decision to settle in Australia, it’s essential to obtain expert legal advice to ensure a smooth transition. A migration agent Perth by an Australian Visa Lawyer is a qualified professional with extensive experience in navigating the complexities of Australian immigration law.

Isn’t it comforting to know that all your immigration concerns are well on the way to being resolved professionally?

Expertise In Australian Immigration Law

Isn’t Australian Immigration law complex with constantly changing laws and procedures? Absolutely! That’s precisely where the Australian visa lawyer comes handy. They know the ins and outs of the immigration rules, ensuring you don’t make costly mistakes.

How the Migration Agent Perth by Australian Visa Lawyer Works?

  1. Consultation:- A migration agent Perth by Australian Visa Lawyer begins their service with a thorough consultation. They understand your visa needs, current circumstances and devise a tailored strategy for you.
  2. Application Preparation:- Once they’ve established the appropriate course of action, they carefully prepare your visa application. Their attention to detail will make all the difference while designing your application.
  3. Lodgment:- After thorough verification and preparation, the agent will lodge your visa application with the Australia Department of Home Affairs. Isn’t it relieving knowing you have qualified assistance behind your application?

With a migration agent Perth from an Australian Visa Lawyer, your visa applications are in safe hands. Why compromise your future, when you can secure it now?

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