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Trust Australian Visa Lawyer: Your Go-to Partner Visa Lawyers

Are you planning on applying for a partner visa in Australia? This isn’t an easy journey, but thankfully we’ve got the expertise needed right here with the Partner Visa lawyers by Australian Visa Lawyers. Our experience, authority, and trust are unparalleled, making your journey smoother and hassle-free.

Experts in the Field

Our principal migration agent is not just any agent – she is a specialist in Australian immigration law and MARN registred. They hold a comprehensive understanding of the processes and requirements. This intimate knowledge simply sets them apart from the competition. What exactly do they offer, you might ask? Well, they provide guidance on every step – from the application process to interview preparation. They ensure you meet all the necessary requirements, minimizing the chances of visa denial.

Why Prefer Australian Visa Lawyer?

It’s simple. Our proven track record, extensive experience, and authority are hard to match. That’s why many choose the Partner Visa lawyers by Australian Visa Lawyer.

  • Experience: They’ve been in the field for years, granting them the skillset and knowledge needed to navigate the complex visa application process.
  • Expertise: They specialize in Australian immigration law, ensuring they know how to handle any situation that arises.
  • Trust: Their clients have faith in them due to their transparency and successful track record.
  • Authority: Being one of the leaders in the industry, they’re trusted by many both locally and internationally.

So, why handle the cumbersome visa application process alone when you can get experienced Partner Visa lawyers by Australian Visa Lawyer at your service?


Trust, expertise, and authority come together in the form of an Australian Visa Lawyer. This firm and its Partner Visa lawyers are willing and ready to guide you through each step of your application process. It’s your time to benefit from their incredible service. Why not reach out today?

Learn more about the Australian Partner Visa…

An Australian partner visa, also known as a spouse visa or de facto visa, allows the partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live and work in Australia. This visa is designed to reunite couples and families where one partner is an Australian or eligible New Zealand citizen, and the other partner is from another country.

Onshore Partner Visa (Subclass 820/801)

This visa is for couples where one partner is already in Australia on a valid visa. The temporary Subclass 820 visa is granted first, and the permanent Subclass 801 visa is granted after a waiting period. Applicants can live, work, and study in Australia on a temporary visa while they wait for a permanent one.

Offshore Partner Visa (Subclass 309/100)

This visa is for couples where one partner is outside Australia. The temporary Subclass 309 visa is granted first, and the permanent Subclass 100 visa is granted after a waiting period. Once the permanent visa is granted, the partner can move to Australia and live with their Australian partner.

Partner / Spouse Visa requirements & eligibility

To be eligible for a partner visa, the sponsoring partner (the Australian citizen or permanent resident) and the applicant partner must meet certain criteria, including providing evidence of a genuine and ongoing relationship. The application process can be complex and may involve gathering various documents, undergoing health and character checks, and paying application fees. This is where Australian Visa Lawyers can assist you with professional consultancy. It’s important to note that Australian immigration laws and visa requirements can change, so it’s advisable to consult a registered Australian migration agent for the most up-to-date and accurate information when considering applying for a partner visa.

Benefits of partner visa

Family Reunion: The primary purpose of the partner visa is to reunite couples who are separated due to immigration status or other factors. It allows partners to live together in Australia.

Work and Study: Once granted a partner visa, the visa holder is generally entitled to work and study in Australia. This provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Access to Healthcare: Partner visa holders may be eligible for Australia’s healthcare system, Medicare, which provides access to medical services and hospital care.

Travel: While waiting for the partner visa application to be processed, applicants are typically granted a Bridging Visa that allows them to stay in Australia. This visa often includes travel rights, so applicants can leave and re-enter Australia if needed.

Path to Permanent Residency: The partner visa is typically granted as a temporary visa first. After a certain period (usually 2 years), if the relationship is still genuine and ongoing, the visa holder can apply for a permanent partner visa. This eventually leads to Australian permanent residency and citizenship eligibility.

No Points Test: Unlike some other Australian visa categories, the partner visa does not require the applicant to meet a points test, making it more accessible for couples.

No Skill or Age Requirement: There are no specific skill or age requirements for partner visa applicants. It’s primarily based on the genuineness of the relationship and meeting health and character requirements.

Sponsorship Benefits: Sponsoring a partner can strengthen family bonds and provide a sense of security for the couple. It also allows the Australian partner to demonstrate their commitment to the relationship.

Freedom to Live Anywhere in Australia: Partner visa holders are not restricted to living in a particular region of Australia. They can choose to live anywhere in the country.

Access to Social Services: As permanent residents or citizens, partner visa holders may access various social services and government benefits in Australia, including education for children and unemployment benefits (if eligible).

Frequently Asked Question of Australian Partner Visa

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