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The government of Australia introduced policies meant for migrants with experience in areas where there is a skill shortfall through the skilled visa programs.

A series of relevant visas under the skilled visa subclasses allows potential migrants to apply under the program. It, however, depends on if you applied for an on-shore visa, an off-shore visa, or a skilled visa as a New Zealand resident. It is essential to meet specific requirements meant for encouraging successful business people to start their business and settle permanently in Australia.

Under the skilled visas, successful applicants under 45 years can apply to stay in Australia for up to five years. The applicants can also apply for a permanent residency if they are eligible to apply for the same.

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Skilled Visa Subclasses

Skilled Visa Lawyers – service categories 

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa – 489

It is a 4-year work visa that allows the applicant and their family to live and work in a specified region of Australia. This visa has three pathways- the Extended Stay pathway, the Invited pathway, and the Subsequent Entry Pathway.

The Extended Stay pathway is a temporary visa for applicants that hold a provisional visa under the subclass 496, 495, 487, or 475. Under the Invited Pathway, the applicant needs to submit an Expression of Interest and obtain an invitation to apply for the visa. The Subsequent Entry Pathway visa is for the family member of someone who holds a Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) or a subclass 475, 487, 495, or 496.

This visa will cost AUD 4,045 (approx.). There is no standard processing time available for acquiring this visa; however, for 75% of applications, it takes about 17 months and 23 months for 90% of the applicants.

Temporary Graduate Visa – 485

The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) is a temporary visa that allows international students to work, study and live in Australia after finishing their studies. This visa has three streams: Graduate Work Stream, Post-study Work Stream, and Second Post-study Work Stream.

To be eligible to apply under this visa, you must be under 50 years of age, hold an eligible visa, have a student visa in the last six months, and have a recently acquired qualification in a CRICOS-registered course.

Usually, the visa holder and stays between 2 and 4 years, depending on their qualification, and Hong Kong passport holders can stay for five years. Acquiring this visa usually costs From AUD 1,650 (approx.), and the processing times vary between 8 months to 12 months.

Skilled -regional Graduate Visa – 476

The Skilled- regional Graduate visa allows recent engineering graduates to work, study and live in Australia for 18 months. To be eligible to apply under this skilled visa subclass, the applicant must have completed an engineering degree or higher qualification from a specified institution.

The applicant must be under 31 years of age, and the completion of a degree or higher qualification should be within the past two years. Further, it is also essential that the applicant has previously not been the primary visa holder of a subclass 476 or 485 visa. The cost of this visa starts from AUD 405 (approx.) and the processing time to obtain this visa takes between 14 months to 17 months.

Skilled independent Visa 189

The Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) invites workers and New Zealand citizens who can work and live anywhere in Australia, permanently. This visa has two streams- Point Tested Stream and New Zealand Stream.

The Point Tested Steam visa invites workers with eligible skills to fill the required vacancies to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. Under the New Zealand Stream visa, the eligible New Zealand citizens who can work and contribute to Australia can permanently live and work in Australia. The cost of acquiring this visa starts from AUD 4,045 (approx.). The processing time for the Pont Tested Stream visa is between 12 months to 18 months and between 15 months to 17 months for the New Zealand Stream.

Skilled Nominated visa – 190

The Skilled Nominated visa invites the nominated skilled workers to live and work permanently in Australia as permanent residents. With this visa, you can also sponsor an eligible relative for permanent residence.

You must, however, have an occupation on the relevant skilled list to be eligible to apply. In addition to this, the applicant must have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation that satisfies the point test. Applying costs under this visa start from AUD 4,045, and the processing time is between 12 months to 14 months.

Skilled Regional Visa – 887

The Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887) is for those who have lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia on an eligible visa previously. With this visa, you can work, study and live anywhere in Australia and, along with it, sponsor any of your relatives for permanent residence, if eligible.

The applicant must hold an eligible visa to apply under this subclass or have held an eligible visa expired outside Australia during the concession period. Furthermore, the applicant needs to have lived for two years (at least) in a specified regional area of Australia and have worked full time for one year (at least). The cost for obtaining this visa starts from AUD 415, and the processing time is between 15 months to 23 months.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa – 491 

Under the Skilled Work Regional (Provincial) visa, the state or territory government nominates skilled people to reside and work in the regional parts of Australia. There is two-division of acquiring this visa. One is for the principal applicant, and the other is for the subsequent entrant. This visa allows the principal applicant to live in Australia for up to 5 years. After three years from the time the agency grants the visa, the applicant can also apply for permanent residence. The cost of applying for this visa starts from AUD 4,045 (approx.). The standard processing time for this visa acquisition is not available at the moment.

Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa -191

The Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa is for those people who have prior work experience, lived and studied in a designated regional area in Australia on an eligible visa previously. The visa holder can stay permanently in Australia and apply for Australian citizenship if and when eligible. It also allows the visa holder to work, study and reside anywhere in Australia and sponsor their relatives for permanent residence. The base charge applies for the principal applicant and an additional charge for each family member who applies for the same. The standard processing time varies from person to person and from circumstances to circumstances.

Distinguished Talent Visa – 124

Distinguished Talent Visa (subclass 124) is a permanent visa that invites people with outstanding achievements and exceptional talent in an eligible field to work and live in Australia. With this visa, the applicant can reside, work, study permanently in Australia.

Additionally, the candidate can sponsor eligible relatives or family members to apply for permanent residence in Australia. When the agency grants the visa, the candidate must be from outside Australia. The cost for this visa application starts from AUD 4,110 (approx.). Since there are low volumes of applicants, the standard processing times are not available.

Global Talent Visa – 858 

The Global Talent Visa (subclass 858) welcomes people with an internationally recognized record of exceptional talent and outstanding achievement in an eligible field to live and work anywhere in Australia. There are two pathways for this visa acquisition- the Global Talent Pathway and the Distinguished Pathway. The applicants are allowed to reside, study work, and if and when eligible, can also apply for Australian citizenship.

The cost for this visa starts at AUD 4,110 and the standard processing time for the Global Talent Pathway lasts between 65-88 days. The standard processing time for the Distinguished Pathway is between 17 months to 20 months.

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