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Student Visa Services and Consultation

The Australian student visa is for foreign nationals eager to develop professional skills in Australia’s academic setting. Once the course has started, the visa holder will also work for 40 hours for two weeks. The holder will be able to fly both inside Australia and internationally. It is a conditional visa that allows you to stay for up to 5 years. Visas are a crucial part of the entire application process. Both the host country and the traveler place a high value on visas.

Student Visas
Student Visa Subclasses

Student visa – 500

The Student visa (subclass 500) enables you to stay in Australia for up to 5 years if you study full-time at an educational institution. You may use this to enroll in a suitable course of study, include family members in the application (the partner or you and the partner’s dependent child), apply either in or outside Australia, and extend the professional services for up to 40 hours every two weeks once your course begins. Eager students wishing to pursue their higher education in Australia must meet the Australian Visa requirements of GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant), monetary conditions, English language specifications, and Character and health criteria.

You must first receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) or a Letter of Offer confirming your acceptance into a course listed on the Commonwealth Registry of Institutions of Courses before applying for a visa (CRICOS). The benefits are the same as the others in this group. 

Student Guardian visa – 590

It is a temporary visa that enables one to come to Australia to assist a student visa holder under 18 years of age or older due to unique circumstances. The length of your visa will be determined by the length of the student visa holder’s stay or when that student turns 18. The eligibility criteria require you to be the student’s parent, guardian, or relative who is 21 years old or older, have enough money to support yourself and the student during your stay, and provide housing, welfare, and other support to the student. This visa allows one to visit Australia to look after and sponsor a student visa holder under the age of 18 (or over 18 in exceptional circumstances). A person can also study an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) for less than 20 hours a week, or some other study or training for less than three months.

Training visa – 407

This visa is for staff and New Zealand people who choose to live and work in Australia permanently. This visa comes with an alluring enterprise. If you wish to enhance their skill or study abroad, this visa is for you. To avail of the benefits of this visa, an approved sponsor must sponsor you whether to participate in a professional development program or occupational training. A training visa allows you to come to Australia for a limited time to participate in occupational training or professional advancement. Under the 407 visa, you can engage in any of the following forms of occupational training like obtaining registration or licensing via on-the-job training, workplace-based structured preparation to develop skills, and training that improves or sharpens a person’s skills.

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Visa application is a time-consuming and challenging process that many people face. In such cases, using the services of a visa specialist can be helpful because they can provide step-by-step instructions throughout the process. Connect to make an appointment with us for a thorough examination.